Thursday, 12 June 2008

Siblings at Home Birth

Some useful academic articles on siblings at home birth.
This is an issue that often comes up as a reason not to choose a home birth and can be raised by professionals as well as by family members.
I haven't read any of these articles here yet - I'm just noting them down for future reference.

some useful articles with regard to children at births
FRIESEN, E. 1996. Children Welcoming Children. The Birthkit, 12, p7-8.
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SIMKIN, P. 1993. When Should a Child Attend a Sibling's Birth? Midwifery Today, 28, p37.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Meeting 4 June

Where was everyone??? Watching The Apprentice I reckon.
Happily new mum-to-be Sarah turned up to the meeting at Christine's. We had a long chat and Christine told us her birth story. I'm hoping she'll have time to post it on the blog.
Many thanks to Christine for her support in getting this group off the ground - and for her generosity in opening bottles of wine for home birth group meetings!